5 Reasons Why I Would Be Proud for My Kids to Work in a Call Centre

succeed in this environment you need to speak clearly and fluently and with energy. You have to ask good quality questions and learn to keep conversations on track. One of our top training tips is to bring customers back on track with a relevant, good quality question.




2. You learn people skills. Many adults struggle all their lives to learn how to find common ground, make small talk and build rapport. These are all skills that clever call centre agents learn to master. They also learn to use humour and find the positives in every situation. Top performing call centre agents learn to use influencing skills to cross sell or upsell. Every day you find yourself using your skills to calm people down or build confidence in others. You learn to empathise and problem-solve from the others person’s perspective.

3. You learn tenacity. You have to keep motivated to take or make those calls. Self discipline, personal resilience and time management are key if you are going to survive in the call centre world. It is tough, there is no doubt about it.

4. You learn the importance of teamwork. Love or loathe BBC Three’s programme ‘The Call Centre’ the boss, (Nev Wilshire) has certainly got team spirit in that place and it all snowballs from him. When they sang ‘we are family’ on their night out together I wanted to be in their family! The support, friends and (yes, sometimes romance!) is all part of this unique and wonderful close knit environment. You only get out what you put in and everyone needs to do their fair share.

5. You broaden your horizons. If you think of a call centre job being ‘stick in a building in a building on a business park’ you are looking at it all wrong. Those telephone lines bring in people from all walks of life and as almost 90% of UK call centres are inbound, the customer is calling YOU to ask for help. Without call centres the ambulances, police and essential services and utilities would grind to a halt. Walking out of that business

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