Are There Different Kinds Of Ghosts?

is caught in between this plane of existence and the next, but in reality there are different types and they behave very differently.

When speaking of ghosts there are actually three types: Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, and Poltergeists.

It should be mentioned that this is our way of classifying them and other intuitives may have other names or categories.

When a life ends and a soul leave the body but refuses to abandon the person it was stay in this plane of existence instead of moving on to the next. This is the most common form of “ghost” and it is called an Earthbound Spirits (ES). ES are very confused and their current condition is very hazy to them. They don’t realize that they’re no longer living and they randomly wander but tend to stay very near the people that they knew and the places where they lived. An ES is almost trapped by the life they used to have and may try to communicate if it gets the chance but it is often unsuccessful.

An ES cannot draw energy from the Divine Source so in order to continue existing it must find energy to tap into, which means the living. An ES will follow or stalk the people that it knew in its life to and draw energy from them which is actually harmful for both the ES and the person. An ES does not draw energy from its loved ones to harm them; it simply has no choice if it wants to survive.

An ES is very weak and it cannot interact with the physical world in any way and often the only way you’d know an ES was near you is if you started to feel weak or run down. However, an ES that has been around long enough will eventually start to learn how to pull more and more energy from its surroundings and become a full-fledged ghost.

While an ES is weak and has to draw energy from

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