Building Maintenance – Developing a Program and a Team

safe and clean. Building maintenance involves different key areas, which can easily be ignored or overlooked unless there is a program that’s well planned and a team to execute it. Day-to-day cleaning and repair are not the only things involved here. The building must be kept free from hazards both inside and outside, and this includes checking into the least conspicuous areas.

Developing a Program

Planning and designing a building maintenance program must be done in a systematic and strategic manner with all angles considered. Whilst the program may start from generalised procedures and protocols, the program should be expounded with all the necessary details included. The program is likewise subject to future adjustments and changes to suit the evolving requirements of building occupants as well as governing statutes.

First off, the management must identify areas that require maintenance, whether regular or seasonal. This usually covers toilets, bathrooms, gardens, frequently used equipment and machines. All areas that need maintenance must be described in detail – in terms of the frequency of maintenance required, specific location in the building, and the like. Some items need to be maintained daily, whilst others weekly, monthly or less frequently.

Developing a Team

Development of a building maintenance team requires the appointment

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