Discount Mountain Bike Gear

Mountain biking is an adventurous hobby. It is physically draining too. You will need a good bike that is capable of withstanding heavy impact and high stress on its body. It is easy to obtain bike as now you have discount mountain bike gear offers available. You will also need a fit body and adventurous mind that gets inspired by the challenges.

The bike that is used for mountain biking has undergone tremendous changes with the advancement of technology. Its body has become sleek and durable. Wheels have become stronger and smooth rolling. But the most notable change is in the field of gears. Most of the latest bikes have as many as 27 gears. In fact, it is quite task to remember the gear position for all these gears. Many companies are offering discount in mountain bike gear cost to attract more customers.

A person not familiar with the mountain biking aspects may ask a simple question. What on earth does one needs 27 gears; that too on a vehicle that has to be pedaled? Well, the simple answer is each gear is for a particular kind of terrain. While riding the bike up and down through mountains, one comes across a variety of terrains. Since speed is a much-needed aspect of winning the race, one would need different gears for different terrains. Fortunately, because of stiff competition in the field, many companies provide attractive discount for mountain bike gear.

Here is the physics and mathematics behind the need for a number of gears. Each type of gear represents a particular type of pedal to wheel ratio. It specifies how much the wheel should travel after one complete rotation of the pedal. Suppose for a 1:1 gear ratio, the wheel would travel what is equivalent to the circumference of the wheel after one complete rotation of the pedal. If the back wheel of your bike has a diameter of 26 inches, as is the case in most of the bikes, after one complete rotation of the pedal the wheel would move a distance of 81.64 inches.

If you are wondering how this figure is arrived at, a bit of brushing up of high school geo

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