High Tech Trends to Dominate in 2016

As technology and customer attitudes are always changing, so must marketers adjust accordingly. For 2016, marketers will need to think outside the box and the usual channels to stay ahead. Here are the top 6 marketing trends that will dominate in the coming year.


Video Ads become more popular

More and more users are becoming more responsive to video ads on social channels like YouTube, Facebook and Bing. A study by Specific Media found 61% of video viewers were happy to view adverts in exchange for free content. According to a report by Business Insider, video ad revenue will reach almost $5 billion in 2016. It was only $2.8 in 2013, nearly doubling in 3 years. Video ads have an average click through rate of 1.84%. This is higher than the average for other formats. With video ads, businesses will see good interaction with their brands, products, or services.

The appeal of apps

Apps are expected to begin replacing websites. Apps are more intuitive, convenient, and accessible. Retailers and product marketers are taking advantage of better engaging with content through apps. The best-known app program that offers rewards for gift card is Shopkick. For businesses looking to market their place on a customer’s mobile device, the app needs to be truly engaging by helping the customer and saving them time.

Mobile dominates over desktop

This year Google announced mobile has taken over desktop traffic in 10 different countries. Here are some stats on mobile online consumer use:

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