How to Create a Content Marketing Hub Page on Your Small Business Website

Incorporating robust Content marketing elements on your web site is the #1 strategy for creating a highly contagious website that generates lots of word of mouth (or the cheesier “word of mouse”) as well as direct search engine referred visitor traffic.

Research indicates that over 90% of small business websites still have not caught on to this superior strategy for lead generation, prospect conversion and branding. In fact, web hosting companies who specialize in selling simple template add-on websites are still doing a brisk business even though search engine marketing is one of the most established fields in business and marketing today.

I have found that many small business owners who end up with the 3 to 5 page static (brochure) website usually did not take the time to educate themselves on the many ways they could add uniqueness (and additional profits) to their businesses by building robust prospect and customer education platforms online.

If you are one of the fortunate few small business owners who signed up with web hosts that support content marketing or who use blogs, you have the chance to build a very strong business marketing platform through the use of the hub page content strategy on your website.

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