How to Get the Best From Your Executive Search Agency

decided to retain the services of an Executive Recruitment partner in order to help your locate and recruit a key individual into your company, you are possibly asking yourself “which recruitment company do I choose?” With the UK Recruitment Market estimated to be worth in excess of £23billion annually, with a myriad of recruitment companies offering what at first glance looks like exactly the same service, it is sometimes difficult to know which company to opt for.

Selecting an appropriate Executive Recruitment company to run your project is in itself a critical decision and getting it right can make the difference between having a thorough, professionally run campaign or a badly coordinated campaign with your organisation being unprofessionally represented. Therefore before you choose a recruitment company there are a number of recommend steps that you should take.

Steps to selecting an appropriate recruitment company

The first step would be to get a few recommendations from people who have utilised the services of sector specific head-hunters who operate within the Manufacturing and Engineering market. Working with a recruiter that specialises in the placement of manufacturing and engineering jobs, who has a good understanding of the nuances within the sector is vital, otherwise how would they able to benchmark the abilities of a candidate? It is also worth considering speaking to people who have experienced manufacturing and engineering recruiters as a candidate, and asking questions such as: How professional was the company? What was the communication like? How did they represent their client? Did they demonstrate a thorough understanding of engineering and manufacturing? Would you class them as experts in manufacturing and engineering recruitment?

Once a number of possible manufacturing and engineering recruitment companies have been identified, the next important step is to have initial conversations. Like any project, the compatibility of the project team is critical and by having a short discussion you should get a feel as to whether you could work with these businesses or not. Following these calls you now should have two or three potential recruiters who you should then meet face to face.

Within these face to face meetings it would be advisable to give the recruiters an insight into your organisation and the role you are looking to fill before then asking the recruiters up front as to how they would

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