Instant And Targeted Wrinkle Treatment

It is a non-invasive cosmetic process that will be done by your cosmetic surgeon. He or she will inject a substance that is wrinkle reducing in your skin with a syringe and you can leave soon after as this is an outpatient procedure.
Dermal Fillers

One proven type of wrinkle treatment is dermal fillers. They can reduce the appearance of wrinkles immediately though the results are temporary. There are many brand names that produce dermal fillers like Restylane, Botox

A single dermal injection will give you instant result that will stay for around three to six months. If you have more than one area in your face that has wrinkles, you will need a series of dermal filler injections. Depending on the location the price will vary; but in general they stay somewhere around $500. Cosmetic surgeons generally perform this procedure or you can get it done in a medical spa.

How Does Dermal Fillers Work

The main working principal behind many dermal types of filler like Restylane or Juvederm is the injection of a form of hyaluronic acid into the wrinkles. This is a naturally occurring substance of our body and is said to work by transferring nutrients from bloodstream to your skin cells. It provides a cushion for your skin layers and tissue layers from which elasticity is gone due to aging. Furthermore, it hydrates your skin. So when you employ this method, you end up with a smooth, plumped area of skin that has almost no wrinkles and fine lines!

Botulinium in a form is injected directly in your facial muscle when you employ Botox injections. This substance can freeze the muscle temporarily and restrict its movement. Since muscle contractions are the reason

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