Medical Marijuana Can Offer Relief If You Are Suffering From Cancer Or Other Illnesses

One is allowed to use medical marijuana legally under CA State law if you have been medically examined by a medical doctor and written out a Physician Statement and Recommendation Letter. The evaluation is to verify if you will find freedom from the symptoms of the illness you are suffering.

The Medical Board of CA has written that medicinal marijuana is a rising treatment modality. CA Prop 215, known as The Compassionate Care Act of 1996, includes in part:

To ensure that desperately sick Californians have the right to obtain and use cannabis for medical purposes where the medical consumption is deemed useful and has been recommended by a medical doctor who has found out that the person’s health could gain a benefit from the use of pot in the treatment of migraine or any other disease for which marijuana offers Relief.

Proposition 215 was outlined to allow the use of medical cannabis by seriously and terminally ill persons. Proposition 215 protects them from criminal fines and arrest for smoking marijuana medically if they have been awarded a medical marijuana card. Only people who have been properly evaluated and have obtained their doctor’s recommendation to consume cannabis in medical therapy can take advantage of Proposition 215 as a lawful protection against criminal pot complaints.

A medical physician must examine and establish whether or not prescription marijuana would be an appropriate method for a specific ailment. A lot of the persons who partake in marijuana as a medicine suffer from glaucoma while ma

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