New Laser Eye Surgery Trends Means Better Vision Improvement For More People

Laser eye surgery is still a relatively modern innovation and is constantly progressing with better and more efficient techniques being used. Some of the newest laser eye surgery trends are going to bring a marked improvement in the effectiveness of treatment for patients seeking vision improvement through laser eye surgery. New techniques are constantly being developed based on revolutionary new technologies and better and more effective knowledge and practices. Improved laser and computer targeting technology will make the new systems more efficient and reliable.

One of the latest innovations in laser eye surgery trends is a new 60 kHz laser that will enable the surgeon to create the flap in the eye quicker then what was previously thought possible. This will improve both ease-of-use for the surgeon and comfort for the patient. It is necessary to create the flap so that the laser that is used to alter the shape of the eye and correct the eyesight can be applied and the surgeon can use the targeted laser to reshape the eye and improve the vision. The flap that has been cut in the eye is simply lowered back into position and allowed to heal.

Patients with astigmatism may benefit greatly from one of the more recent innovations in laser eye surgery trends. Astigmatism can now be treated successfully using wavefront guided laser treatment. This technology can also be used to treat near and far sightedness with a great degree of accuracy. Wavefront technology can eliminate many of the problems that have occurred before when some patients had problems with night vision and starbursts. With research continuing this system looks as though it could bring great benefits in the future, both to the patients and also to the surgeons who use it.

Previously the eyes were reshaped to the surgeon’s opinion of what would improve the eyesight of the patient, now however, it is a much more scientific process utilizing computerized measurement and analysis to ensure that the patient’s eyes are reshaped to a precise formula so that they get the best vision improvement possible from their treatment.

With the current boom in technology, and the increase in research and development expected to co

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