Online Entrepreneurs – The Benefits of Selling Low Cost Information Products

high dollar products that all of the gurus push, but here is a tip that might change your mind.


In the information marketing world the goal of each seller is “supposed” to be to have a huge, mega product or a coaching plan.  This is the wisdom that many of the popular Internet gurus tell people.  The issue you have to be aware of is, who is giving you that tip. You are getting it from the marketer that is trying to sell you his/her coaching program.

If you are just starting out, or even if you have a seasoned list, you can sometimes be much better off if you create a few low cost ($10-20) products for your list.  Here are some of the reasons low-cost products can help diversify your information product offerings:

1. They are quick to make. Some of these can take just a day or two to put together instead of months or years.

2. You will have many more people able to buy your product without having to weigh the purchase decision of spending a few thousand dollars. If you introduce one of these products properly to your list, you can make a lot of cash pretty quickly even though the product isn’t very expensive.

3. Deep down, people know that they get what they pay for. Of course you will still need to provide tremendous value for your product, but you will not ave to come with as many (or any) free bonuses and add-ons for low cost products. This can save you a lot of time as well.

4. You can build you whole business around low cost products. Although you will probably want some high fliers in your product mix, there can be an entire niche of people that become known as the low-cost/high value businesses.

5. Since the decision threshold to purchase is low, you should also have a lower return rate. If you do have a few returns (and you will) they won’t sting your bottom line very much, because each sale is so small.

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