Resin Use With Outdoor Patio Furniture For Outdoor Wicker and More

icker furniture is among the most popular types of all garden and patio furniture. “Wicker” actually refers to the way that the chair, recliner, table, or whatever item it is is made–not the material used. The “wicker” is the weaving technique and styling used to create the effect that so many people love. Thus, wicker furniture can really be made from many different materials such as rattan, bamboo, cane, aluminum, synthetic plastic, and resin.

Today, wicker patio and garden furniture made from resin is highly sought after and becoming more preferred by wicker lovers all the time. To put it technically, a resin is a synthetic or an organic substance which becomes stronger when it is treated with a particular chemical method. A resin used on wicker patio and garden furniture might be a protective and strengthening coating, such as that often used these days on aluminum wicker furnishings, or it might be the weaving material itself.

Synthetic wicker furniture is becoming more and more popular among patio and garden decor enthusiasts today because, even though it is made from non-renewable hydrocarbons, it has developed and evolved greatly in the last 30 years and it offers some significant advantages over other wicker materials like cane or rattan.

Resin wicker furniture today can be made in many different colors and, furthermore, the colors are actually embedded into the resin rather than painted on, meaning that neither sunlight nor even marks, scratches, and such will cause resin wicker furniture’s colors to fade. Resin wicker furniture will never rot due to mold or water exposure, and of course it cannot be hollowed out by insects. Resin wicker patio and garden furniture is easy to clean, too, and stains are easily wiped off. Yet another advantage of resin wicker is that no matter how hot it gets outside the furniture will still remain cool to your touch–unlike, say, wrought iron that could actually burn you if you touch it on a very hot, sunny day.

It used to be that the big criticism of resin wicker furniture was that it was cheap-looking. These days, that is no longer a valid criticism. Resins today are made that mimic the look of heavier, organic materials like bamboo and rattan so closely that only an expert would be able to notice that the resin furniture is not naturally organic. Yet, in addition to its being easier to clean and far less susceptible to harm from the elements, resin wicker patio and garden furniture is also less expensive than its wicker counterparts.

There are some people who still will insist that resin wicker furnishings are too l

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