Store Fresh Food Safely in Supermarket

freezing temperature. There are some foods that need to be kept cool at all times, like butter, meat, eggs, and cheese. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, refrigerated food should be kept at four degrees Celsius for refrigeration.

Food that is stored above this temperature puts at risk of contamination, which can lead to bacterial infections and food poisoning. Seafood, raw meat, and poultry in the refrigerator should not be placed directly on the face inside the refrigerator. The meat should be wrapped in paper or place inside a container to prevent contamination from raw meat juices.
Frozen Food Storage

Frozen food storage refers to foods that need to be frozen. While some items need to be frozen when turned on, other items should be frozen at all times. These are things like ice cream, and frozen fruits and vegetables. Frozen foods should be stored at zero degrees Fahrenheit or below. If not frozen to the right temperatur

e, frozen substances put food at risk of foodborne illness.

Freezing of food below zero degrees Fahrenheit causes bacteria and fungi to malfunction and remain inactive. Moreover, if not frozen properly

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