Things to Consider When Finding the Right Bar Stool Material For Your Home

is the fact that you can go in just about any direction in the world. You can choose a nice painted wood with a partially swiveling seat and red checkerboard upholstery for a rustic, country look or you can go in a completely different direction using steel, leather and a high back for a modern, minimalist look. Best of all, you don’t have to go to either extreme to find a look that will endure for years to come. Here are just a few of the important factors

Match your décor

While metal and wood are the two most popular materials for bar stools, you can find kitchen stools made out of almost anything, such as wicker, wrought iron and more. Every one of these materials is customizable enough to fit into any décor, such as metal bar stools in a traditional or conservative environment or wooden stools in a modern décor. The important thing is to always have your décor in mind when shopping. Sometimes, people can get carried away when they see a look they like, only to realize that it doesn’t match anything in their home.

Upholstery is important


When you consider what a small percentage of your kitchen stools are actually covered in upholstery, it is amazing to realize how big of an impact that small area has on the overall appearance. A simple switch from modern, black leather covering to a textured white cotton covering can turn any look on its ear. Sometimes, folks who are looking to redo an old stool will simply change the upholstery and not even bother to refinish or paint to obtain a whole new look. This is why it is so important that you not only love the material, shape, angle and height of your kitchen bar stools but also the fabric. You can also choose to not have any upholstery at all, but without upholstery, it can be difficult to have padding.

Fine Finishes

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