Wake Up to CD Quality Music With a Digital Radio Alarm Clock

No matter which satellite radio broadcaster you subscribe to, there are a variety of different digital radio alarm clock options to help you wake up to the best quality music available from any radio, anywhere. With the plug and play aspect of most satellite radio receivers, versatility to switch the receiver between home and car or portable and home modes has never been easier. All you have to do is take your existing satellite radio receiver, purchase a home adapter for it, and snap it in. In a few quick minutes, you can have a high quality alarm clock positioned on your night stand just waiting to wake up in the morning with CD quality music brought to you by your favorite


XM Satellite Radio, the most popular satellite radio station in North America, offers two different options for those in the market for a digital radio alarm clock. The first is to purchase a plug and play receiver for your digital radio alarm clock. A receiver such as the Audiovox Xpress offers the user with the versatility to plug it into the car for road trips or a home boom box like device to act as an alarm clock. All you have to do is set the alarm time, the channel and go to sleep. If your daily commute does not involve a car, perhaps a portable XM receiver like the Delphi MyFi is the best option. This portable receiver can be carried around during the day like an iPod or Walkman and then placed into a home stereo device at night. Once it has been placed into its cradle, the MyFi can act as a digital radio alarm clock, awakening you whenever you want.

With the optional home kits available for any of the Sirius Satellite Radio receivers, nearly any receiver can be used as a digital radio alarm clock. The beauty of the Sirius designed satellite receivers lies in the similarity of the technical specifications which allows nearly every add-on to be compatible with nearly every receiver. All you need to do is purchase a receiver and a home system, plug one into the other and set the time for your alarm. It’s that simple. With products like the Sportster, you are able to use your receiver in your car or as a portable device if you take the train, bus or subway to work.

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