Which Wedding Ring Metal Is Best For You?

the various metals now available for wedding rings. Before selecting or ordering your wedding rings, do you know which metal is best suited to you? Whether you have sensitive skin, an active lifestyle, price considerations, or are just concerned about your wedding ring lasting a life time, these points may help you decide.




Color of the Metal. Do you like yellow gold, the look of shiny white metals, tinted metals, or rose or pink gold? Gold is available as yellow, pink, or white. Palladium and platinum are shiny white metals. Titanium wedding rings are naturally whitish gray but can be tinted various shaded of blues, greys and black. Tungsten has a silvery gray color and is a popular color choice for men.

Hypoallergenic. This is an important consideration for anyone with skin irritations. You don’t need a wedding ring that is going to give you a bad case of eczema every time you wear your ring. Platinum, palladium, and titanium are all hypoallergenic metals.

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